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Elevate your yachting experience with our innovative nautical timeshare solution. Enjoy the indulgence of a high-end yacht, whether motor or sailing, while minimizing the costs associated with ownership, management, and maintenance

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    The accessible and carefree luxury of the sea

    Experience the luxury of the sea effortlessly with Smart Yachting, an innovative solution that provides access to prestigious motor yachts or elegant sailboats without the need for a substantial investment. With this program, simplicity and affordability are paramount. During the contract period, you can enjoy the yacht for one week each year and, if desired, charter it to recoup a significant portion of your investment. Upon completion of the contract, reselling the yacht could yield up to 50 percent of your initial expenditure. With Smart Yachting, enjoy the ultimate luxury of the sea worry-free.

    Here are some examples of Smart Yachting solutions available for purchase

    Here are two examples showcasing the Smart Yachting solutions offered by Jonio Yachting for nautical timeshare. One option entails acquiring a 23-meter motor yacht, while the other entails a 14-meter sailing yacht. These examples illustrate the functionality of the Smart Yachting solution, which provides a variety of adaptable configurations. Some of these options are already accessible for boats within the current fleet or in the process of being acquired, while others will be made available in the future.

    23 Meter Motor Yacht

    Experience the luxury of our 23-meter motor yacht with our nautical timeshare offering, providing one week of exclusive use per year. This solution offers unparalleled flexibility, substantial savings, and alleviates concerns about managing a high-maintenance yacht.



      • Total Price: €80,000 to €120,000, depending on the selected timeshare period;
      • Crew Expenses: € 0,00;
      • Mooring Expenses: 0,00 €;
      • Maintenance Expenses: 0,00 €;
      • Condominium Fee: €1,000 annually for each purchased week, applicable from the eighth year onwards;
      • Partial Return on Investment: as described below.

    Partial Return on Investment:

      • Owners have the option to charter the yacht, yielding €24,000 per week;
      • Upon the contract's conclusion, selling the yacht will result in a return of approximately 50% of the initial investment.

      14 Meter Sailing Yacht

      Embark on unforgettable voyages with our 14-meter sailing yacht through our nautical timeshare program, offering one week of exclusive use per year over a 10-year contract period. Owners have the opportunity to charter the yacht and earn income based on seasonal demand.



        • Total Price: 50.000€;
        • Mooring Fees: 0,00€;
        • Maintenance Fees: 0,00€;
        • Partial Return on Investment: as described below.

      Partial Return on Investment:

        • Owners can make the yacht available for charter, earning seasonal income (e.g., €4,000 per week during high season)
        • Upon the contract's conclusion, selling the yacht will result in a return of approximately 50% of the initial investment.

      Smart Yachting solutions immediately available

      The prices below cover the entire 8-year period and are segmented by season

      Dufour 460 GL - 4 cabins, 3 wc

        • May: 18.000€;
        • June: 22.000€;
        • July : 27.000€;
        • August: 31.000€;
        • September: 22.000€.

      Dufour 520 GL - 5 cabins, 3 wc

      • May: 19.000€;
      • June: 24.000€;
      • July : 29.000€;
      • August: 33.000€;
      • September: 24.000€.

      Dufour 430 GL - 3 cabins, 2 wc

      • May: 17.000€;
      • June: 23.000€;
      • July : 26.000€;
      • August: 28.000€;
      • September: 23.000€.


      The presented values encompass all operational expenses, covering maintenance and mooring for the entire 8-year duration. Upon completion of the program, boat resale guarantees owners a minimum 30% reimbursement, contingent on market valuation.

      For instance:
      Investing €31,000 in purchasing a week aboard the Dufour 460 GL in August.

      Potential earnings from third-party leases: if the owner opts not to utilize the boat for 3 out of the 8 years, potential earnings from third-party leases amount to €12,000.

      Upon boat resale, an estimated reimbursement of 30% (€10,000) is anticipated.

      Consequently, this translates to a cost of €9,000 for 5 years of utilization, equating to €1,800 per week, thereby circumventing rental price hikes for the entire 8-year span.

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